abdominal surface

If you examine the abdomen, you will notice that it is a very large area of the body compared to what we have covered so far. Clinically, it contains many organs and tissues that may show pathological changes during ones life-time. As a student of anatomy, you will learn the boundaries of the abdomen, the structures that make up the walls of the abdomen and finally, the organs and tissues within the abdominal cavity and their relationships to one another.

We will split the study of the abdomen into the following sections:

  1. Skeleton and walls of abdomen
  2. Rectus Sheath
  3. Inguinal Region
  4. Peritoneum and its reflections
  5. Abdominal cavity in general
  6. Stomach
  7. Duodenum
  8. Jejunum and Ileum
  9. Large Intestine
  10. Liver
  11. Pancreas
  12. Spleen
  13. Celiac trunk and its branches
  14. Superior and inferior mesenteric vessels
  15. Posterior abdominal viscera and wall
  16. Cross sections through the abdomen
Skeleton and Walls of the Abdomen

Practice Examination

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