Questions About General Anatomical Information

1. Select the TRUE statement about the sympathetic trunk:
  1. it has a constant, fixed number of ganglia
  2. it lies anterior to the vertebrae in the thorax
  3. it extends from the base of the skull to the coccyx
  4. it receives white rami throughout its extent
  5. it supplies postganglionic processes to thoracic and lumbar spinal nerves only
2. The terms "posterior", "ipsilateral", and "supine" mean:
  1. superior, same side, and lying face down
  2. dorsal, opposite side, and lying on back
  3. ventral, same side and lying face down
  4. dorsal, same side, and lying on back
  5. distal, opposite side, and lying face down
3. The simplest reflex arc would involve:
  1. two neurons and two synapses
  2. two neurons and one synapse
  3. three neurons and one synapse
  4. one neuron and three synapses
  5. any of the above
4. A spinal nerve, in the intervertebral foramen, is adjacent to what portion of a vertebra?
  1. spinous process
  2. pedicle
  3. anterior longitudinal ligament
  4. lamina
  5. transverse process
5. A typical vertebra contains all of the following EXCEPT a:
  1. body
  2. transverse foramen
  3. vertebral foramen
  4. spine
  5. lamina
6. The anatomical plane that divides the body into equal right and left halves is the:
  1. horizontal
  2. median
  3. transverse
  4. sagittal
  5. coronal
7. The layer of the body just under (or deep to) the skin is called:
  1. deep fascia
  2. epimysium
  3. an aponeurosis
  4. superficial fascia
  5. epineurium
Questions 8-10 relate to the image showing various dermatomes. Remember that a dermatome is a section of skin that is supplied by a specific spinal nerve.
8. Dermatome T4 C

9. Dermatome T10 D

10. Dermatome L1 E